Welcome to Grilling Season #2

So... It’s only taken me 9 months to write my second blog for the website. Not too bad. :)

We’ve come a long way in less than a year, and as we enter into our first full grilling season, I expect a great ending to our first full year in business. We are still going strong with our original six sauces, and introduced our dry rub and seasoning in the early fall. 

In a little less than two weeks, we will begin selling again at the Mineral Point and Monona Farmer’s Markets. If you can't get to one of those locations, you can get your Bob's Bitchin' BBQ fix at nine different retail venues, or at one of seven restaurants that are using our sauces on their menus or specials. Soon we will be stocking our product at the Lands’ End “Made in Wisconsin” store as well. If there was only more time, just think how far we could go…

Recently we sent in for state approval for our newest sauce, Mango Red Pepper. Sweet heat at its finest. It’s a little bit different as far as BBQ sauce goes, while it’s great on wings and chicken, it also makes a great dip for eggrolls, and Panko Shrimp, I’m told. Look for it sometime in May. It’s HFCS free, as well as gluten free. 

Judy and I appreciate all your support and kind words, and your feedback is always welcome. If any of your Facebook friends haven’t “liked” us yet, help us get to 200 “likes” and we’ll give away a Bob’s Bitchin’ Gift Basket. 

That’s it for now…. happy grilling!